Train-the-Trainer and Consulting Services


Why is it often a challenge for experienced deal lawyers to teach what they know to associates? Two reasons: First, knowing a subject doesn’t necessarily translate into being able to teach it effectively. Second, most of what these lawyers know was never actually taught to them: they learned it through on-the-job osmosis. As a result, a common problem is that they start with an assumption that much of the basic knowledge that they have is already familiar to the associates they are training. (It isn’t.) As a result, they frequently provide training that is aimed well above the associates’ heads and is therefore demoralizing, instead of empowering.

As someone who (a) practiced law at a big firm for 22 years, (b) started his training career as a boring, ineffective internal teacher making the mistakes described above (and many others), and (c) has spent the last eight years learning about effective teaching through leading hundreds of classes in law firms and in law schools, I can work with your internal trainers, individually or as a group, to help them master the five basic rules of effective lawyer training.


I am available to consult on developing an effective curriculum; assessing needs; setting priorities; and any other aspect of transactional training.

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